Covid-19 Supply Chain Emergencies

As Covid-19 and its variants evolve extraordinary obstacles exist for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers. We understand the obstacles that Covid causes–shortages, allocations, and delays to your operations and your customers.

Chicago Consulting remains steadfast in our commitment to help companies during this critical time. Our emphasis is on real world solutions that can be deployed quickly to maintain profitability and business continuity.

Chicago Consulting is fortunate to hold a broad cross-disciplined skillset that allows both a comprehensive approach with very specific tailored recommendations. Our combined years of experience lets us immediately respond to the unique needs of our customers.

We assist companies through various pain points including

  • Material acquisition
  • Shipping and transportation (LTL, TL, Ocean, Parcel)
  • Forecasting and demand planning
  • Inventory Deployment—the breadth and the depth
  • Networks of plants and warehouses
  • Internal Manufacturing and scheduling
  • Distribution to customers
  • Labor and skill management
  • Cash conservation
  • Return to profitability

We offer a three prong approach companies can use to navigate this rapidly changing environment.

  • Survive: Maintain business continuity, exploit opportunities, minimize constraints, understand the new normal, make hard decisions, allocate scarce resources, add resiliency, and plot a new effective course. Be both a supplier and customer of choice.
  • Pivot: Put in place the resources and infrastructure to enable the new course as quickly as possible. Bootstrap and make-do with off-the-shelf resources.
  • Restart: Gear up for the rebound from customers and suppliers. Resume ERP/MRPs

We have set-up a virtual war-room to allow companies to discuss their unique needs and concerns with our team. There is no charge. Based on demand we are limiting initial sessions to 30 minutes.

Signups can be found at:

If you require immediate assistance please contact us at 312 346-5080 or email us at