Logistics Associations

Associations relevant to Supply Chain Management and Customer Satisfaction.

There are many fine associations relevant to supply chain management and customer satisfaction. They include:

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)

The Institute of Management Consultants USA exists to establish professional and ethical standards for management consultants, to provide continuing education and information relevant to the profession, and to increase public awareness of the management consulting profession. Qualifications to become a CMC include:

  • Having served as a consultant for a period of at least five years.
  • Having documented three past assignments and references for review and qualification by the Institute.
  • Having past an oral exam by three CMCs.
  • Passing a written test on the ethics of the Institute’s and pledging to conform the the Institute’s Code of Ethics.

Among other requirements the Code requires CMCs to disclose any matter or interest that could impact their objectivity or independence while serving as a consultant.

Chicago Consultant’s staff has been active in the Institute for over 20 years and vigorously support its objectives and ethics. We are proud to call ourselves CMCs.

Consultants who wish additional information may contact the organization at its New York City headquarters (212) 697-8267 or visit their website:

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

CSCMP is an association of distribution, logistics and supply chain management professionals. The organization is very comprehensive in the supply chain management field. It covers issues of customer satisfaction, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, systems, management and strategy. It is the largest and most comprehensive supply chain management organization.

CSCMP has an extensive network of local organizations called Round Tables. These often meet monthly in local environments to present outside speakers or conduct seminars. CSCMP conducts high-level annual meetings attended by five to seven thousand supply chain management professionals.

The Council can be contacted at (630) 574-0985 or visit their website.

The Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC)

WERC is an organization of individuals primarily focused on warehouse operations. Most of WERCs members have a direct connection with or are responsible for warehousing. The organization conducts local chapter meetings and has an annual conference.

WERC can be contacted at (630) 990-0001 or visit their website: