The “10 best Chinese Warehouse Networks 2006”

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– for the World’s Largest Marketplace

Chicago Consulting announced that it has developed the “10 Best Chinese Warehouse Networks”. These networks serve China better than any other networks because they minimize the lead-times to serve the Chinese population.

“Effectively deploying products and services to the world’s largest market depends on its supply chain infrastructure.” said James Nie, Chicago Consulting Shanghai Manager. “Optimal deployment of warehouses in a network allows compression of customer lead-times, consolidation of inventory, and service improvements. Put simply, we can accomplish more and minimize investment in warehouses.”

Using demographic and census data, the firm developed the “10 Best Warehouse Networks” based on the 1.3 billion people in China and where they live. The firm’s proprietary software tools were used to find the best combination of cities to include in the networks.

The “10 Best Chinese Warehouse Networks” were developed based on the lowest possible lead-times to the population. For example, Xinyang, provides the lowest possible lead-time for one warehouse-3.38 days. Locating a warehouse in any other city will increase this time. Similarly putting three warehouses in any locations other than Pingxiang, Jinan, and Ziyang will increase lead-time beyond 2.15 days.

With over 1.3 billion people, China has the largest population of any country on Earth and is quickly becoming the world’s largest consumer.

For the last 20 years Chicago Consulting has published the “10 Best Warehouse Networks” for the USA. It is updated annually based on new population statistics and is widely published in the trade and professional press.

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