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"The Optimizers of your Entire Supply Chain"

Chicago Consulting designs optimal supply chains

We are Supply Chain Strategists and Engineers in Chicago, USA. Our strategies help our clients increase market share and earnings.

We design and engineer supply chains for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers. We fit the components of supply chains together. These components include:

Plant & Warehouse Networks in USA

Plant & Warehouse Networks

Inventory Deployment Inventory Planner in USA

Inventory Deployment

Warehouse Inventory Health Consultants in USA

Inventory Health Check-Up

Ten Best Warehouse Networks Territories

The Ten Best Territories

Transportation Freight Consulting Firm in USA


Inventory Optimizer in USA


Warehouse Operations Management System in USA

Warehouse Operations

Optimal Packaging Designer Consultants in USA

Optimal Packaging

Order Processing Fulfillment Services in USA

Order processing

Customer Consumer Behavior

Customer Behavior

Procurement Strategic Sourcing Services in USA

Procurement & Strategy

Inbound Logistics Service Providers in USA

Inbound Logistics

We cover this broad spectrum because these components interact with each other.

We have developed optimizing tools for all these areas.