Ten Best Warehouse Networks, Optimization, Consultant in USA

Distribution & Warehousing Network Design and Optimization in US

Networks with the Lowest Possible “Time-to-Market”

The 10 Best Warehouse Networks have been developed based on the lowest possible transit lead-times to customers represented by the US population. For example, Vincennes, IN provides the lowest possible transit lead-time for one warehouse. Any other location will increase transit time to the US population. Similarly putting three warehouses in any locations other than Boyertown, PA; Jackson, TN and Porterville, CA will cause the transit time to be higher then 1.29 days. The Percent Throughput specifies the amount of material that would flow through these warehouses based on them serving the territories closest to them. The Same Day statistic represents the population within 65 miles of any warehouse. The Transit Time (%) statistics represent the amount of the population that is within 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of the closest warehouse.

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Our warehouse management consultants will compute the service your network provides, contrast that with the 10 Best, determine where your next warehouse(s) should be located and what additional service this would achieve for you. We’ll also determine which warehouse(s) you may want to eliminate if you wish.