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The Issue

Packaging is needed to protect products shipped to customers. Packaging, along with related material, such as dunnage and tape costs money.

Optimal Packaging

Chicago Consulting derived the optimal relationship between a carton’s cost and its volume. This discovery was a CSCMP Innovation Award Finalist in 2008. We have gone on to apply Optimal Packaging to hundreds of clients in two general situations – Consumer Packaged Goods and pick-and-pack warehouse operations. For pick-and-pack operations we routinely specify the optimal carton regime to use–the number; the X, Y, Z dimensions and grades. We often link this with other operational issues such as the cartonization algorithm and Granulated Buffering.

Optimal Packaging links the total supply chain costs, especially transportation, to packaging design then optimizes that design to provide the lowest possible cost. Reductions range between 5 and 25%.

Free Evaluation of your Cartoon Regime

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