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Guiding Framework

Supply Chain Consultants Experts in USA As Supply Chain Consultants we have a well developed framework and technology to guide our work. We believe that the two essential elements of any supply chain, or any component of it, are the service it provides and the cost it requires. Neither one of these can be understood in isolation–they are intimately connected. This stems from the understanding that virtually any level of service can be provided.all it takes is money. Therefore the service that is provided and the costs it takes to provide that service are, taken together, the relevant issues.

Proprietary Technology

Given the above, there is a relationship between the cost to provide a service and the level of that service. Moreover, there is an optimal or best possible relationship between these two. Our Supply Chain Consultants have developed technology to specify the optimal relationship between service and cost. We have done this in several logistics functions – warehouse networks, inventory deployment, warehouse operations, procurement, order processing and others. This technology guarantees our clients that the strategies we provide are better than any other strategies-they produce higher service and require lower cost. Moreover these strategies provide a set of options–service maximizing options for a given cost level and cost minimizing options for a given service requirement.

Other Supply Chain Consultants specialize in one Supply Chain Component or another. Our breadth insures that our Supply Chain Designs do not suffer from this concentration.