OPTIMIZER – Best Inventory Management Software, System in USA

Stock Inventory Optimization, Analysis, Planning & Control Software in USA

A New Inventory Management Method – Stocking Logic

Optimized Inventory Management provides higher service and lower capital investment than any other method.

The OPTIMIZER software fits “inside” existing inventory management systems. It replaces the methods they use to set stocking levels–safety stocks, order quantities, mins/maxs, re-order points, and so on. As such it will easily integrate into your system or any you’re considering.

With the OPTIMIZER software, you can achieve a service level, say 98% (or any level), at the lowest possible capital investment. Alternatively, you can set a capital level. Then OPTIMIZER will achieve the highest possible service level for that investment.

The Optimized approach positions inventory throughout a supply chain. With it you establish exactly what to keep (which items and in what quantities) at every location in the chain. Most importantly, it does this in an “optimal” way.

Leading companies such as GTE and Cummins engine use OPTIMIZER throughout their supply chains. They’ve achieved dramatic results with it.

We’d like to prove our claim to you and demonstrate this approach with your data. Contact us and our consultants will show you what the OPTIMIZER can do for you.

Service and Cost. Are any two things more important in inventory management?