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Order Processing Services

Warehouse Order Management Process, Order Fulfillment Solutions

Warehouse Fulfillment Services, Distribution Fulfillment Services in Chicago, USA

Order Processing Services, Order Management Systems in Chicago - USA


So you have a warehouse network and each warehouse has its own territory with a set of customers it serves.  You might do better if this territory is not fixed; where the origin of each order is determined based on the economics and service needs of that order.


  • You can have at least three kinds of approaches to processing orders in your network
  • Fixed Service-based territories, normally based on proximity
  • Fixed Cost-based territories accounting for inbound and outbound freight plus warehousing
  • “Flexible” territories determined “on-the-fly” based on the specifics of each order

Order Fulfillment Solutions in Chicago, Warehouse Order Management Process, Distribution Fulfillment Services, Warehouse Fulfillment Services in USA

Chicago Consulting develops tools for it clients to process order optimally.

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