Warehouse Operations Management Services

Warehouse Management Specialist, Distribution center management consultants in USA


How a warehouse is designed and the processes it employees determines its performance – the Cost it takes to operate and the Service it provides customers. Getting the design right at the outset and keeping it optimal as your business evolves is key.

Warehouses receive, store and pick material. Normally receiving is done in larger quantities than picking making it the more productive of the two. Accordingly picking is the activity around which warehouse processes are initially designed.

Most businesses operate within the law–Pareto’s Law that is – the 80-20 rule. This pattern helps design warehouse operations. With it you can make picking methods span an automation spectrum–from highly automated down to completely manual. The same principal applies to storage methods and slotting as well.

Businesses with strong Pareto’s Curves may be missing an opportunity if their picking methods don’t fit their curves.

Once established the system is maintained by shifting and re-slotting items between the methods as their profiles change. Chicago Consulting designs and re-engineers optimal warehouse processes. Since most clients already have warehouses we are normally re-engineering and optimizing them.

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